An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company For Quality Assurance
IS 2266:2002 For Steel Wire Ropes For General Engineering Purpose
IS 9282:2002 For Wire Ropes and Strands for Suspension Bridges - Specification
IS 4521:2001 For Wire Ropes Used in Oil Wells and Oil Well Drilling - Specification
IS 1855:2003 (Wire Ropes for Winding and Man-Riding Haulages in Mines)
IS 1856:2005 (Steel Wire Ropes for Haulage Purposes)
CE (Euro Conformity Assessment)
NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation)
IRCLASS ( Indian Register Of Shipping)
Approved by OHE (RDSO), Lucknow for Railways
IDLR certificate issued from Directorate General Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute (DGFASLI)
Railway Registration Certificate M-0073
COFMOW (Central Organisation for Modernisation of Workshop)